How to make your own Canon Speedlite 420EX diffuser for free (almost)


You'll need:

-    A fairly large piece of semi-transparent plastic - I used an empty container for windshield washer fluid.

-    Sharp knife, ruler and cutting mat.

-    Sticky tape and stapler.


First, open and print this PDF-file - it contains the template you'll need. Cut the template along the outer line and sticky tape it onto the plastic, then roughly cut the piece off the container.


Cut as described on the template and you'll end up with something like this: (Please note that you should have the template taped on to plastic at this point - I didn't because I just wanted to show the process ;o)


Fold it up to form an open box and put it on your flash. It will probably need a bit of tweaking, but it should be pretty close. Sticky tape it all together while it's still on the flash so it doesn't go out of shape, then take it off and punch a staple through each end. I stapled it from the inside out and taped the staple inside the diffuser to protect the flash from scratches as much as I could.


This is my finished diffuser and an assembled paper-template.


The diffuser on my 420EX


Now I just need to learn how to use the thing - and the flash :o)

Please feel free to express thoughts and suggestions to me

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